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Thursday, April 25

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Friday, April 26

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Biliteracy Toolkit: Using Reading Assessments to Track Students' Path to Biliteracy Evergreen B, 1st Floor OlympicDr. Adam Withycombe Equity for Students: Growing and Retaining Beginning Teachers Juniper, 3rd Floor CascadeMonica Hulubei-Piergalini • Marcy Yoshida How to Initiate and Sustain your 1st Dual Language Program in Your District Larch, 3rd Floor CascadeMarisol Amezcua • Rob Darling • Amie Weiss Integrating Content and Language through Concept Mapping Evergreen H/I, 1st Floor OlympicSamantha Tuan • Chen-Ju Chen • Eve Chan • Monica Lo Integrating GLAD Strategies into inquiry based curricula Evergreen F, 1st Floor OlympicTricia Cecil NEW: Supporting Emergent Bilinguals in Writing Workshop Evergreen E, 1st Floor OlympicKristin Percy Calaff OSPI Bilingual Education Advisory Committee (BEAC) District Engagement Session Laurel, 3rd Floor CascadeJennifer Hammer • Concie Pedroza • Nesreen Al Muzayen • Patty Finnegan, PhD Picture Books as Mentor Texts for Secondary Students Evergreen C, 1st Floor OlympicJanel Erchinger-Davis Re-imagining High School- Structures that facilitate bilingualism and academic success for L1 students Evergreen G, 1st Floor OlympicOmar A. Escalera • Veronica Machado Science and Language Assessment of All Students, Including English Learners Regency A-D, 2nd Floor CascadeOkhee Lee The Overidentification of English Learners for Special Education Services Regency E-G, 2nd Floor CascadeKati Tilley • NBCT Understanding and Supporting American Indian and Alaska Native Language Learners in Washington Evergreen A, 1st Floor OlympicElijah Moreno • Sara Marie Ortiz • Latifah Phillips

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Access and Equity: Identifying and Serving Highly Capable English Learners Evergreen C, 1st Floor OlympicJody Hess • Laura Schonberg Collaborating Through Contents and Community Evergreen G, 1st Floor OlympicMichele Fancher • Tyler Graves • Cari Haug Collaborating to Provide a Continuum of Services for English Learners with Special Needs Regency E-G, 2nd Floor CascadePatty Finnegan, PhD • Tania May Collaborative Teaching: Not just for THOSE kids Evergreen H/I, 1st Floor OlympicJennifer Antrobus • Narine Balayan • Lizeth Godsey Culturally Responsive Practices through Inquiry Evergreen E, 1st Floor OlympicBethany Barrett Elevating Achievement for Bilingual Learners Using Imagine Learning to foster Language Acquisition, Collect Data, and Differentiate Instruction Evergreen B, 1st Floor OlympicAndrew Brandt From STEM to STEAM: Literacy and Music Larch, 3rd Floor CascadeBrenna Peterson • Heather Hutchinson GPS: Guiding Progress & Successes with Language Acquisition Tools for Teachers and Students Regency A-D, 2nd Floor CascadeJennifer Rivera • Corinne Larsen • Jill Suresh Literacy Development in Both English and Spanish in Just One CLICK! Juniper, 3rd Floor CascadeKaren Ingram Multilingualism and School Culture; An Additive Approach Evergreen A, 1st Floor OlympicAnne Blaylock • Kelsi Russell Scaffolding Academic Language in the STEM Classroom: A multilingual perspective Evergreen F, 1st Floor OlympicHeather Hebard • Thad Williams Where will you get your Teachers?: Obtaining and Retaining Qualified Teachers Focused on Diverse Populations Laurel, 3rd Floor CascadeDr. Marsha Riddle Buly • Dr. LeAnne Robinson

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Academic Conversations by Design - Structuring Your Classroom for Higher-Level Discussions Evergreen E, 1st Floor OlympicAthena Jimenez Building a System of Gen Ed Teacher Leadership for Quality Sheltered Instruction Regency E-G, 2nd Floor CascadeMolly Moss • Hilary Vargas Coaching Teachers of ELs: Best Practices (and Why We Should Talk about This) Regency A-D, 2nd Floor CascadeSvetlana Nuss Developing Biliteracy: Early Foundational Skills for Spanish Literacy Evergreen C, 1st Floor OlympicKerry Gavett • Amy Coit I’m a Scientist: Live It to Learn It through the Storypath Approach Laurel, 3rd Floor CascadeMargit McGuire Language Acquisition Strategies to Support Dual Language Programs Evergreen B, 1st Floor OlympicStephanie Andler • Stacey Beasley • Melissa Singletary OCDE Project GLAD® Strategies That Promote Mathematical Language and Content Comprehension Evergreen F, 1st Floor OlympicBridget Dale Part 1: Processing Our Perspectives as Related to Our Results in Disproportionality Evergreen G, 1st Floor OlympicSteve Gill Student STEM & Innovation Fair: Goodbye, science fair. Hello, innovation! Larch, 3rd Floor CascadeHeidi Gardner • Ashley Shanteau Understanding and Using the ALDs as a Progress Monitoring Tool for Language Development Progress Evergreen H/I, 1st Floor OlympicTeresa Boone • Elizabeth Urmenita Washington’s K-12 Dual Language Initiative Evergreen A, 1st Floor OlympicWill Williams • Kaori Strunk • Patty Finnegan, PhD What’s New for Highly Capable English Learners? Tools and Strategies to Find and Develop Talent Juniper, 3rd Floor CascadeJody Hess

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Saturday, April 27

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Applying Content Vocabulary to STEAM Education Evergreen C, 1st Floor OlympicEffie Triol Different Purposes and Forms of Translanguaging in the Dual Language Classroom Larch, 3rd Floor CascadeJessica Strazzulla • Thad Williams Getting on top of Prepositions Evergreen G, 1st Floor OlympicDr. Jennifer Green • Dr. Beth Dillard Increasing Language Proficiency for English Language Learners though Clear Targets and Active Engagement Regency A-D, 2nd Floor CascadeDr. Millie Watkins • Alicia Lopez • Dr. Ismael Vivanco • Lance Young Interactive Differentiated Vocabulary Mastery - Putting together all the Pieces Evergreen B, 1st Floor OlympicRuth Hockensmith Long Term English Learners: What the Data Says and Strategies from the Field Evergreen F, 1st Floor OlympicSue Connolly • David Irwin Project Based Learning, STEAM, and English Learners: Scaffolding for Success Evergreen H/I, 1st Floor OlympicKati Tilley • Jody Cain The Power of Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics Evergreen E, 1st Floor OlympicConcepcion Molina They are here! They are ready. Are you? Laurel, 3rd Floor CascadeRob Darling • Amelia Larson • American Reading Company Using visuals and videos to spur detailed discussion and writing. Evergreen A, 1st Floor OlympicHannah Eggeling • Merrisa Moccia We Are a Team! EL Teachers and Paraprofessionals Working Together Regency E-G, 2nd Floor CascadeMelody Borcherding • Dr. Alicia Roberts Frank Working Problems from the Inside Out: Putting students and real-world application at the center Juniper, 3rd Floor CascadeLisa Meyer

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Coaching Secondary Content Area Teachers On Language Instructional Planning Regency A-D, 2nd Floor CascadeEmily Ezpeleta Effective Practices in Identifying and Serving English Learners in Highly Capable Program Evergreen B, 1st Floor OlympicNancy Hertzog • Dr. Jann Leppien Engaging Bilingual Mathematicians and Scientists in Learning, Talking and Doing! Evergreen C, 1st Floor OlympicKristin Percy Calaff Ensuring effective & compliant processes for monitoring former EL students Laurel, 3rd Floor CascadeAndrew Wamala Increase Reading Achievement in Struggling Readers 2 Years in a Single Year (Grade 4 and Up) Regency E-G, 2nd Floor CascadeWayne Eichen Increasing Student Voice in the Math Classroom Evergreen H/I, 1st Floor OlympicAbby Dalbeck • Lisa Meyer Modifying and Designing instruction for ELL in Secondary Science Larch, 3rd Floor CascadeJennifer Goldman • Kathryn Kelsey NEW: Head, Hand & Heart - Math for All Students Evergreen E, 1st Floor OlympicJanis Heigl Raising the Bar: ELD Review and Leveled Questioning Evergreen F, 1st Floor OlympicJody Bader Support target language development: Problems, solutions, and strategies Evergreen G, 1st Floor OlympicYaneli Iman • Lizbeth Miranda • Jennifer Rose • Renee Shank • Rachel Swanson Unleashing EL Superpowers Through Computational Thinking Juniper, 3rd Floor CascadeKaren Bolton • Mark Ray • Karen Wilson Using The Dictado for Language Arts Instruction in an OCDE Project GLAD® Unit Evergreen A, 1st Floor OlympicLaura Mannen

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Building Background Knowledge Through Strategies, Resources, and Collaboration Regency A-D, 2nd Floor CascadeKristie Stortini • Nickolas Neville • Sonia Nicholson Conversations for Dual Language Leadership Evergreen G, 1st Floor OlympicJennifer Johnson • Heidi LaMare Elevating, Mentoring, and Developing Professional Bilingual Paraeducators Evergreen C, 1st Floor OlympicKristin Percy Calaff • Richard Dunn Gateways to Academic Language Development for Secondary ELL Students Evergreen E, 1st Floor OlympicErik Siehl Let’s Start Advocating! Be the Voice our EL Students and Educators Need Larch, 3rd Floor CascadeCarrie Sorensen • Sara Shaw • Jeanne-Marie Wright Moving beyond native language designation in Dual Language (DL) classrooms Juniper, 3rd Floor CascadeRachel Snyder NEW ADDITION: Literacy and STEAM Laurel, 3rd Floor CascadeUplevel.co Self Care in Education-Maintaining Healthy Habits and Boundaries; Resources for Balancing Your Life Evergreen B, 1st Floor OlympicJennifer Lisle Shifting Mindsets: A Case Study of Collaboration Evergreen A, 1st Floor OlympicSharine Carver • Jill Klune • Joan Lawson Teacher as Ally, Teacher as Advocate: Critical Pedagogy and Privilege in Schools Regency E-G, 2nd Floor CascadeDana Re-Bloom Using math routines to increase and improve mathematical discourse of Language Learners Evergreen F, 1st Floor OlympicCynthia Kniffin • Ida Natacha Gomez • Sara Betts Video Games for Language Learning Evergreen H/I, 1st Floor OlympicJustine Warunek-Lane

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